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You must click on the link in that email to activate your subscription to the ticket. As it turns out, what seemed to be an organic, patriotic gesture of honoring military service personnel at professional sporting events was actually a savvy marketing strategy funded by the Department of Defense.

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What were they paid for? According to the report released by U. Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain, the intent was to fund events, gestures and other activities that appeared to be either spontaneous or conducted as a team's own goodwill.


In other words, teams were paid to trick fans into believing that these acts were charitable and in line with American values. And who can blame the government for seeing the value in these acts? How many times has the honoring of a serviceman brought a crowd to its feet, and put tears in the eyes of fans who appreciate the virtues of military service and sacrifice?

But the heart of these acts was nothing more than propaganda designed to win and strengthen sports fans' support of the military, all while manipulating the national discourage on patriotism and service to your country. And these ploys were plentiful in both number and form.

'Paid Patriotism': Senators Accuse Military of Wasteful Sports Tributes

The deal included video board usage to announce the sponsorship and display the National Guard logo. The Arizona Diamondbacks were paid to have an Arizona Army National Guard soldier throw out the first pitch of a game in September The list goes on, but the descriptions are all the same: All of those noble acts of patriotism were covertly financed efforts to manipulate fans. Shop Indie eBooks.

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By The New Yorker. Another flag is hand-painted on a square of canvas and propped in a window, its stars and stripes smudged by rain or heat. The flags decorating a crinkled fast-food wrapper are blotted with ketchup and the mangled remains of some fried chicken. Maggio, a Long Island native, often makes works that play with the signs and symbols of Americana—Christmas trees, the Statue of Liberty, quirky sculptural iterations of the American flag.