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In the late s, the original monkey colony of was moved to Morgan Island from a research facility in Puerto Rico. This happened after several monkeys infected with a virus escaped the facility and caused outbreaks among the locals in Puerto Rico; and the state of South Carolina offered the island for research.

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The colony is provided food, water and veterinary care in compliance with federal laws. The monkeys offer entertainment of all kinds for folks who come by in boats and kayaks…and they sure are cute, but quite dangerous. Federal law prohibits people from being on the island, but yo u can see the monkeys safely from the water, often seeing them playing, eating and walking on the beach…or just doing whatever monkeys do.

Besides Klopchin's study of the environmental effects of the monkeys to the island, and of inhabited close-proximity locations, there is no other research done on the island. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Morgan Nickname: Monkey Island. Copy available at HighBeam Research subscription required. P R Health Sci J. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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In a paper was published indicating the first observances of one monkey, Imo, washing her sweet potatoes in the water. Her changed behaviour led to several feeding behaviour changes over the course of the next few years, all of which was of great benefit in understanding the process of teaching and learning in animal behaviour.

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A brief account of the behavioural changes can be seen below:. The study does not indicate a catalyst ratio at which all the Koshima monkeys started washing sweet potatoes, or a correlation to other monkey studies where similar behaviour started. To the contrary, it indicated that certain age groups in Koshima would not learn the behaviour. Separate papers make mention that, from onward, similar sweet potato washing behaviours were noticed in other parts of the world, however this is not directly attributed to Koshima.

Claims are made that a monkey swam from one island to another where he taught the resident monkeys how to wash sweet potatoes. No mention of the other behavioural improvements are made.

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No indication of how the monkey swam is made either - it must be noted that the Koshima monkeys cannot swim. Therefore, although the question must be asked how the swimming monkey learned the sweet potato washing behaviour if not from Koshima, no indication is made as to where the monkey learned the behaviour. In her review she found that the original research reports by the Japan Monkey Centre in Vol.

In short, she is suspicious of the existence of a hundredth monkey phenomenon; the published articles describe how the sweet potato washing behaviour gradually spread through the monkey troupe and became part of the set of learned behaviours of young monkeys, but Myers does not agree that it serves as evidence for the existence of a critical number at which the idea suddenly spread to other islands. The story as told by Watson and Keyes is popular among New Age authors and personal growth gurus and has become an urban legend and part of New Age mythology.

Also, Rupert Sheldrake has cited that a phenomenon like the hundredth monkey effect would be evidence of morphic fields bringing about non-local effects in consciousness and learning.

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As a result, the story has also become a favourite target of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal , and was used as the title essay in The Hundredth Monkey and Other Paradigms of the Paranormal , published by the Committee in In his book Why People Believe Weird Things , Michael Shermer explains how the urban legend started, was popularised, and has been discredited.

The original research continues to prove useful in the study of cultural transmission in animals. An analysis of the appropriate literature by Ron Amundson , published by The Skeptics Society , revealed several key points that demystified the supposed effect. Unsubstantiated claims that there was a sudden and remarkable increase in the proportion of washers in the first population were exaggerations of a much slower, more mundane effect.

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Rather than all monkeys mysteriously learning the skill it was noted that it was predominantly a learned skill, which is widespread in the animal kingdom; [8] older monkeys who did not know how to wash tended not to learn. As the older monkeys died and younger monkeys were born the proportion of washers naturally increased.

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The time span between observations by the Japanese scientists was on the order of years so the increase in the proportion was not observed to be sudden.