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The battle starts with a new enemy: Zamelle.

Reward Yourself

When Zamelle spawns, start spawning Erasers. When Zamelle's dead, let Maglev do the damage to the base. There are 3 sets of Brollows with 8 Brollows each. Therefore, a wave of Brollow appears when the enemy's base health reaches This also means that if you hit too hard eg: having Bahamut to instantly deal a massive damage on the base , you will trigger all 24 Brollows, which would be trouble, so try triggering the Brollow's waves one by one.

Once the Brollows are dead, return to your normal slow spawning. Repeat this process 2 more times, then at the end, spawn Awakened Bahamut to quickly finish the Base off. While the trek will take you through a beautiful pine, oak and rhododendron forest, the Triund summit will make you happy with some of the most stunning views of the Dhauladhar mountain range.

North Pole to be 50 degrees hotter than normal in pre-Christmas heatwave | The Independent

All you need to do here is sit down and soak in the charm of the hills and let some breeze ruffle your from time to time -- the idea is to simply relax in the company of nature. Camping here is high recommended for a wholeful experience of the place. Although Ladakh will also be one of the best mountain destinations in India, there are a couple of offbeat places that you might like to consider this time.

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So, if you happen to travel the region this summer, do pay a visit to Hemis. Located at a distance of 40 km from the town of Leh, the main attraction of this place is the 17th century Hemis Monastery, situated atop a hill. After you are done with this, don't forget a trip to the Hemis National Park, which is one of the highest protected wildlife parks in the country. The calm and beautiful Indus River flows past this park, making the locales simply stunning for a traveller's eyes.

Some of the most endangered species that you can see in this place include the Tibetan wolf, red fox, and the snow leopard.

Temperature: Summer temperatures are usually between a maximum of 21 degrees and a minimum of 4 degrees. We would like to call Munsiyari as one of the most beautiful alpine hill destinations in India.

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  • Surrounded by the lofty snow-clad peaks of the Western Himalayas, this hill town in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand is a gem. This is one place where you can walk amidst the clouds, may be enjoy an afternoon siesta on wide expanses of meadows or simply enjoy stunning views of the locales.


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    Tucked away in the lap of nature, high up on the mountains, close to the borders of Nepal and Tibet, there's something so charming about this place that only a few hill destinations in India can match. Summers are perfect for a trip to this place. And let us assure you, you won't feel like coming back.

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    Make sure you have at least three to four days to spend in leisure. You can afford to ditch Manali for this place.

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    Yes, you read that right! This place has everything that a traveller would want out of a quiet hill destination. You can go on day hikes at the Park and enjoy breathtaking views of the Pir Panjal mountain range, and soak in the charms of Mother Nature as the varied fragrances of the blooming flowers elevate your senses. While trout fishing at the Tirthan River is a popular activity, you can even also sit at the banks of the river and listen to the gushing sound of the water accompanied by the chirping of birds.

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    Also read: 6 of the most beautiful homestays in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Although Delhi is surrounded by hill stations on all sides, Lansdowne is the nearest.