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How to Write a Book: 13 Steps From a Bestselling Author

The human world is being threatened while the fae world is held captive under an evil force. Feyre may be the only one able to save both of hem from the dangers that haunt them. I love the cover. It is a beautiful representation of the book and all that embodies Feyre. The book holds a place of respect and honor on my shelves because of how gorgeous it is, inside and out. The story is compelling and intricate and different from anything I have ever read before.

Maas' books are a different brand of literature. The most compelling aspect of it for me was the characters. They were so lifelike and I have become so unbelievably invested in their lives. First off, I must comment on the absolutely gorgeous cover illustration. Seriously, this is how a cover should be done!!! Now to the story: I thought that the description of Wall-E meets T he Giver is a pretty accurate description, with an emphasis on the Wall-E part. Except in this story, humanity didn't leave the earth to become obese vegetables being fed by a giant corporation that took care of everything.

Instead, they moved inside domed cities to become enslaved to media while a giant corporation took care of everything. While the story is sort of slow to move along at first, the characters are well developed and the world building is absolutely fantastic. It's impossible to read A Crack in the Sky without noticing some statements about society as it is today.

The influences of global warming are part of the whole problem that cause the retreat to the idealistic domes, and the over-saturation of media is illustrated to an even greater extent with the "clouds" in the "sky" of the dome being eye-catching ads that no one can take their eye off of.

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The one thing that I want to know, however, is Shay has a rare blood disorder that has limited her options all her life. Her stepfather is a doctor desperate to find a cure. And one day, he does - he gives Shay a blood transfusion that makes her feel better than she's ever felt. It also gives her dreams of a life not her own The cover was creepy, but interesting.


The vivid red of the sky in the background contrasted nicely with the grayscale of Gabriel's face, and his eerie purple eyes stand out nicely. I particularly liked how a bit of his tattoo is visible above his collar - it makes him mysterious. I'd thought I was burned out on vampire books, but clearly I was wrong.

Burns and Metz have told a very interesting tale here. Shay is a good protagonist, by which I mean she's got a unique perspective and some believable flaws and bad decisions. As an invalid, she had different rationales and made different choices than someone who had always been healthy might have and I thought that was very right.

Her relationship with Gabriel was a little strange, but they had some chemistry. My only complaint is that the ending was a bit of a cop-out. However, it wasn't as horribly manipulative as some endings I've read, and I'll definitely read the sequel [ Sacrifice ]. In a world that seems at peace but isn't fully, Marni is on the edge of the forbidden woods.

She's been growing flowers for the king in exile, though her simple life is about to become extremely complicated. The writing is absolutely beautiful. You get stuck in there once you start. The writing is the best I've read in a while from contemporary fiction. You don't want to stop once you've started.

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  4. Cress is a girl who has been trapped in a satellite since childhood. All she had were netscreens. All this time made her a superior hacker. Cinder and Captain Thorns are fugitives on the run with Scarlet and Wolf.

    Cress is their only hope at stopping Queen Levana and preventing a war. This book has adventure, aliens, cyborgs, romance,and a tech-savvy Rapunzel type theme. In the sequel to Dirty Magic , Kate Prospero is hunting a Raven who has stolen from one of the prominent covens in the Cauldron, the area of Babylon known for dirty magic.

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    Coincidentally, the blue moon draws nearer, increasing the power of potions and making many rather twitchy. Kate must stop this Raven before he lets what he has stolen loose on the city. Although not as good as Dirty Magic , this book is still a good read. The conflict with Danny continues into this, though another argument of sorts that started at the end of the last book continues, one with John Volos, Kate's friend though now no longer. As this new case causes her path to intersect with his, though not as frequently, you are caught almost waiting for the next intersection, Deadly Spells.

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    What if the Disney parks were really a place for all of Walt's creations to live? What if the Disney villains wanted to ruin the happiest places on Earth? It is extremely engaging, and has enough awesome Disney references to make any fan happy. Not only that, but it provides a portrayal of the life of teens who, while fighting the most evil characters ever conceived, are also working to find themselves, and learn how to deal with being teenagers.

    Sybella is the daughter of death and has been given an assignment in the place of her nightmares, D'albret's court. Along the way, she helps a prisoner escape and they form a plan to overthrow D'albret and all of his allies, saving the duchess in the process. I liked the book. I enjoyed how it mixed people from the past into a story with original characters. I am a fan of books about assassins, especially ones who are hardcore. Sybella was a likable character, and I fell in love with Beast.

    There was a lot of action in the book, and I appreciated that. The thing I didn't like was that there was a lot of over-analysis of events and language that didn't quite fit with the rest of the writing. I can't wait to read the next one! Kit is a regular teenager. She has father issues and homework, the usual stuff.

    But she's also a murderer. A serial assassin. The way Katherine Ewell writes is amazing. There's not a ton of dialogue or description of place, but her characters have depth and she explores wonderful and complex moral topics in Dear Killer.


    In , the Spanish influenza devastated the US. In A Death Struck Year , Cleo Berry joins the Red cross in Portland, Oregon, discovering that she is capable of saving lives even when she doesn't know exactly what's to become of her own. This book tells a fantastic story while educating readers about the Spanish influenza, a topic I was unfamiliar with and worth learning about. The most compelling part is the fear that each character experiences as the flu takes over everyone's lives, and the worry that they or their loved ones could be next.

    This is tied to Cleo's growth in the story, and her realization that she can't keep everyone safe, but she has more potential than she ever realized.